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111 Rubber Hose

Hose Size and Capabilities
111 Rubber Hose

SPECIFICATIONS: Hose meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-H-8794. Fittings meet the requirements of MIL-A-5070. Hose assemblies meet or exceed requirements of MIL-H-8795.

CONSTRUCTION: Tube- Seamless synthetic rubber adhesive. Reinforcement: One fiber braid and one high tensile steel wire braid. Cover- Fiber braid impregnated with oil and mildew resistant rubber adhesive.

APPLICATION: Aircraft hydraulic, pneumatic, coolant, fuel, and oil systems

TEMPERATURE RANGE: Size -3 thru -12: -65 to +250 F (-54 to +121 C); Size -16 thru -48: -40 to +250 F (-40 to +121 C)